May 5, 2014
–  Ever wondered what you would look like in different decades of the past? Would you have worn bell-bottoms in the 1970s or sequins in the 1920s? Ohio State University student, Annalisa Hartlaub, painted a picture depicting herself in each of these decades.  All I have to say is wow! They are quite accurate regarding fashion trends of these certain periods of time.
– I am a strong advocate for lip stain – think of it as the color of a lipstick, yet feels as if you are wearing lip balm or chapstick.  I have turned some of my friends onto my recent obsession. Best part?  After awhile, the color actually “stains” your lips, and there is no need to re-apply it! It is important to note, however, that not all lips stains are created equal. Some can feel gooey like a lipstick, not even stain your lips, and require multiple applications throughout the night.  I swear by the Tarte and Sugar brands. They may be $24 and $22.50 each respectively, but you get what you pay for…
– It is no secret that I have a gluten-intolerance.  If I eat small amounts of gluten, like a wrap, I am fine….but pasta?  I will be dizzy and throwing up all night. With that said, I started researching gluten-free meals, and entered the Australian lifestyle.  They have been into the gluten-free/vegan/raw movement way before it hit the USA. This led to an entire night of browsing Aussie instagrams.  I am very excited eat “ice cream”.  The recipe can be found here.
– Barbie and Coach teamed up to make a new fashion line of clothes and accessories for barbie dolls. Well, you learn something new every day.
– English is not as easy to read as you think.  Don’t agree? Read this article on hard-to-pronounce English sentences. 

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