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June 2014

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June 26, 2014
Hello from the beautiful fjords of Norway!  After many hours in the air, we have made it!  Are you following me on Instagram?  I will be sharing photos of our trip over the next week and a half, so feel free to follow along.
Next up – Sweden and Denmark!

Fashion Lifestyle


June 17, 2014

I am constantly changing the contents of my purse for various reasons, however, you can bet I will always have certain items with me at all times.

1- Sunglasses – I wear many different styles, but for now, I am rocking the Cat Eyes!

2 – Puku – I swear by this charger! You can connect any device with a USB cord to charge it.  I use it to charge my iPhone, iPad, and my boyfriend uses it to charge his LG G2.

3 – Wallet

4 – iPad Air –… Read more



June 12, 2014

– Need advice on how to take a good Instagram picture?  This article spells everything out for you.  I wish everyone would read this!

– I miss Lisa Frank stationery. Back in the day, all of my pencils and notebooks were filled with bright colors from the Lisa Frank collection.   If this brand is ever brought back to life, you can bet I will be first in line! I would love to have a cute planner from her right now…

– Keeping up with… Read more

Cyber Tech Talk


June 6, 2014

I hope you didn’t fall for that!?

Just kidding. But really – what is cyber? Does it mean online? Perhaps it means internet security?

Cyber is a prefix that means computer. 

More companies are focusing on cyber issues.  Many people use the term, cyber, for a variety of threats.  It is best to remember that a cyber threat is not just a threat to an IT system, but rather to your business that was brought to life … Read more

Disney News Travel


June 5, 2014

Okay, so I am terribly sorry for the lack of posts lately.  From finishing up college (Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science) and moving to a new apartment with Oz, my free time has been nonexistent.

Now on to more pressing matters – What is a hidden mickey and where can I find them?

A hidden mickey is a representation of Mickey Mouse hidden throughout Disney parks.  It takes the shape of a head and ears silhouette (one large circle with two … Read more

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