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February 25, 2014

     Here are some of my favorite stores that I shop at.  One can see
that I did not include stores like Anthropology or J. Crew.  I believe
both of these stores sell amazing clothes, however, I do not have the
income to support these types of buys.  I may be an engineer, but I can
think of many other ways that I also like to spend my money (i.e.

Beginning Boutique For girly and chic styles
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February 18, 2014

Every 4-5 months, I visit my best friend and her twin sisters in Land O’Lakes, Florida. They are originally from Maryland, but moved to the sunshine state a couple years ago.

 My trip began with a faulty start- Maryland was experiencing snow, and my flight was delayed.  My flight was never canceled, though, so I was able to leave the snow for some palm trees. My God, are they beautiful! I do not know what it is about palm trees, but they spark a sense … Read more


February 3, 2014
  • I drink iced coffee year round.  For someone who loathes the cold, I find it odd that I prefer a cold drink over a warm one. Oh well, some things in life cannot be explained. Hopefully, others out there in the blogging atmosphere experience seemingly clashing interests as well.
  • Every couple of months, I switch up my exercise routine because I get bored of it.
  • I only wear a full face of make-up and curl my hair on the weekends.
  • I have recently become obsessed
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